What Questions to Ask Supervisor

Chances are that you will have many questions as you explore your options concerning

Chances are that you will have many questions as you explore your options concerning senior living communities. There are several questions that you may automatically
think to ask including cost, buy-in fees and assisted living care options. Here
are some other questions that you may not think to ask during your visiting

What Kinds of Activities are Available?

Activities are a great way to fill the hours of your day while also getting to know
your fellow residents. Most communities offer at least some activities on a daily
basis. Many of these activities are completely free of charge while others may involve
small fees for supplies or equipment. Some of the activities that might be available
include card games, movie night, church services, flower arranging, exercise classes,
jewelry making, gardening, board games, book of the month clubs, water aerobics,
mall excursions, sight-seeing tours and local area events. Each assisted living
community offers their own special brand of activates as well.

What is Included in the Monthly Fee?

This is an important question to hammer out the details of before you agree to move
in or pay a deposit for any senior living community.  You have a right to know what
to expect for your money each and every month. You also have the right to compare
prices from one community to the next with the knowledge that you are comparing
those costs on a level playing field and that you are getting exactly what you think
you are getting for the money. Most communities include meals, rent, parking, housekeeping, utilities, some activities, a flat linen services and laundry but there are no guarantees that all senior living communities will offer these services. It is important to
make sure you know what to expect before moving in.

Can You Personalize Your Space?

If you are the type of person who needs to make your space your own then this will
be an important question to ask. Little things like the ability to add color to
the walls and brighten up your home with portraits, paintings, and the things you
have collected over the years can make a huge difference in how well you enjoy your
new living arrangements.

Are Pets Welcome?

Many older adults have owned pets for many years and the idea of getting rid of their
pets in order to move into a assistance living community is one that holds them back
no matter how much they could benefit from the lifestyle and activities available
to them in this community setting. Some communities do allow pets. It is definitely
worth asking if they are welcome and if there are any additional fees for their
welcome pet policy.

These quick questions can help you clear up any potential misunderstandings before
they become issues or stressful concerns. The senior living community director is
the perfect person to turn to get the answers you need to know.