Unexplained Bruising

Unexplained bruising can occur, but when it is on an elderly resident it can be from causes other than the slight bump into an object that causes a slight bruise. The elderly person in a nursing home that has bruises often or in certain locations can be abused. Elder abuse takes many different forms and the marks of unexplained bruises and when the bruises are located on the wrists and ankles that could be from the elderly family member suffering the nursing home abuse of being improperly restrained to their bed. Improperly being restrained can leave bruises, cause pain and if it is done at night it restricts the elderly person from using the restroom.

This can result in them getting bowel or bladder infections. This can be an especially dangerous type of elder abuse if the nursing home patient is improperly restrained and has diabetes as it can cause nerve damage. This is also degrading for the elderly person if the cause of the bruises is from being improperly restrained. There are other forms of elder abuse that can also cause unexplained bruising when a nursing home staff member is to rough with the elderly person and this can be a dangerous situation. Unexplained bruises from physical or sexual abuse are criminal and the abuser should be held responsible. These types of abuse might not only be seen in unexplained bruising, but also depression, fear of being touched and a change in mental status.

Consult Elder Abuse Attorney in California, S.F. or Los Angeles, When there are Unexplained Bruises

When there are unexplained bruises on an elderly loved one it is important to investigate the situation and it is important to hold the nursing home responsible. This is degrading for the elderly person that has been improperly restrained and developed bruises and when it is from other types of abuse the nursing home and nursing staff needs to be held responsible. The elder abuse attorney can protect the elderly loved ones rights and hold the nursing home responsible, but even more this can ensure the elderly nursing home resident is living in a safe environment.

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