Nursing Home Abuse

They are committed to making them pay for their crimes of elderly abuse and negligence.

Cruel words, actions, physical, emotional or mental abuse, along with any type of mistreatment of an elderly person are elder abuse. The loved one that is elderly can easily fall victim to people that would take advantage of them or abuse them. The elderly resident of a nursing home can suffer abuse or negligence at the hands of paid care takers, doctors psychiatrists, nurses, estate managers, friends and family members can all be guilty. There can also be other people that can come in contact with the elderly person that work at the nursing home and are guilty of nursing home abuse.

There are many nursing home facilities in the area that the family is able to choose for their elderly loved one. The family should ask questions, before choosing a nursing home facility to place their loved one and it is important to be alert to the fact that nursing home abuse and neglect is very real. There have been elderly deaths associated with nursing homes and the nursing home staff abuse and negligence.

Nursing home abuse and negligence does happen and is a serious matter that should not be ignored or without punishment. When an elderly person is being abused or neglected it is important not to look the other way. The manager and staff that fails to protect an elderly person in a manner that would reduce the risk of injury can be held legally accountable for any injuries the elderly loved one suffers.

Consulting an Elder Abuse Lawyer

When an elderly loved one has been the victim of elderly abuse or negligence one of the most important things the family can do is consult a elderly abuse attorney immediately. The attorneys at Ehline Law will assist in finding a different nursing home and be aggressive in holding the staff at the nursing home and management responsible for their actions. This lawyer will also seek financial compensation for the elderly loved ones injuries.

Elder Abuse and Nursing home Negligence that Causes Serious Injuries

Elder abuse and negligence in the nursing home can lead to serious injuries and these injuries that can be critical injuries can occur over a period of time. It can also depend on the type of elderly abuse the victim was subjected too. This can include physical abuse or repetitive falls, the elderly resident could sustain broken bones, fractures, spinal cord injuries, brain damage and wrongful death. the nursing home resident can also have untreated infections, dehydrations, malnutrition or unmanaged diabetes. The family may notice a decrease in energy, health or emotional changes. Other diseases or injuries can occur due to an infection or unclean nursing home environments. When an elderly loved one has been sexually abused, it is possible they will contract a sexually transmitted disease. This elderly family member might show signs of sexual abuse, which can be depression or anger.

Nursing Home Abuse Victims

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County and San Diego nursing home abuse victims, and their families, will find the Ehline Law firm is dedicated to the victims of nursing home abuse and nursing home negligence. Our elderly law attorneys are aggressive in holding the nursing home and nursing staff responsible, when elder abuse has occurred. They are committed to making them pay for their crimes of elderly abuse and negligence.

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