Elder Abuse Explained

There can be more than one form of elderly abuse or neglect the elderly person can face.

Elder abuse is the misconduct or wrongful treatment of an elderly person and is not limited to physical abuse. Elder abuse can include emotional and financial abuse or neglect. Elder abuse can happen in any home, nursing home or medical care facility. Elder abuse or neglect is not just something that occurs in lower income households, but can occur in middle or upper income households by employed care takers or the nursing home staff.

In some instances it is family members or close friends that can be responsible for elder abuse and neglect. This is difficult to accept or understand by the elderly person or family members that have been wronged by another family member or friend.

Types Of Elderly Abuse

There are different forms of elderly abuse the senior citizen can suffer.
Mental and Emotional Abuse: Mental and emotional abuse can be seen in the form of depression, unexplained mood changes, being withdrawn or the fear of being touched and being distant. This is a type of abuse that the elderly person can suffer when the elderly person is manipulated by domineering conduct or communication imposed by the family or care taker. Elder abuse can be public humiliation, fear instilled by a family member or care taker, or confusion that is instilled.

Neglect: Neglect can be when the immediate needs of the elderly person are not provided as a standard care of basic needs. Neglect can be the failure to provide the elderly person with quality living conditions in the nursing home or household, personal hygiene, inappropriate food handling or preparation and medications that are proper care.

Physical Abuse: Physical abuse includes any type of bodily harm to an elderly person that is cared for by a nursing home staff, care taker or family member. This can be in the form of bruises, lacerations, fractures or broken bones, all of which should be taken seriously as a possible form of physical abuse.

Financial Abuse: Financial abuse of an elderly person is the abuse of power over their money management, property and assets.

Consulting the Abuse Attorney

When there is a form of elder abuse to an elderly loved one or friend by the nursing home or care taker legal representation should be immediate to protect the elderly person’s rights. There can be more than one form of elderly abuse or neglect the elderly person can face.

Our Los Angeles & O.C. elder abuse attorneys are able to provide the legal counsel necessary and can protect the elderly loved ones rights and get the compensation they deserve for enduring elder abuse or neglect at the hands of someone empowered to care for them. To contact the elder abuse attorneys call 888-400-9721.

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