Untreated Infection

Untreated infections can be fatal for the elderly patient and in most cases the untreated infection can be caught and treated by the Los Angeles nursing home before it reaches this point.

Negligence is the failure to provide reasonable care and when it is in a nursing facility and many patients are affected by negligent actions of the nursing staff. When an older person that is cared for by a nursing home, hospital or physician has an untreated infection they can be held liable for negligence and physical damages suffered by the loved one and their family. The untreated infection is one of the leading causes of disease in elderly patients, it can cause pain and suffering, and could also be detrimental to others that come in contact with the elderly patient. An untreated infection can also be fatal to the elderly patient and the nursing home, hospital, certified nurse and physician can be held liable by law for the untreated infection.

Elderly Patients Die from Untreated Infections

Untreated infections can be fatal for the elderly patient and in most cases the untreated infection can be caught and treated before it reaches this point. The fact is that every day elderly patients die from untreated infections or infections that were not treated before they reached this point by the physician, staff, or care facility. Immediate attention should be provided to the elderly patient at the first sign of an infection or wound.

This immediate treatment does not always happen and it can be from negligence, an understaffed facility or an underdeveloped program. This leaves elderly people in a perilous situation to die from infections that could have been treated and infections that spread.

There are some serious infections that can affect the elderly persons health causing serious damage:

  • Staph infections can be serious causing amputation or be fatal when not treated
  • Bacterial infections can be fatal if not treated and can be spread from one person to another
  • Streptococcal infections are highly contagious and can cause serious health risks when it is an untreated infection.
  • Meningitis is a high risk infection for the elderly person’s health and can be transmitted to others
  • Sepsis can be a deadly infection if not treated immediately

Untreated Infections Are Elder Abuse

Untreated infections are serious and they are considered abuse when it occurs due to the negligence of the care taker or physician. The failure to treat an infection in an elderly patient can cause a wrongful death or permanent health damage to the patient. The family of the elderly loved one needs to hold the professional care taker responsible. The attorney can help the family hold the negligent party liable for the untreated infection, while keeping the family informed each step of the legal process.

When an elderly family member has been a victim of negligence the Los Angeles Untreated Infection Attorneys can be reached at 888-400-9721.