Dehydration is Serious for the Elderly

Our attorneys are experienced and committed to fight for the rights of the elderly nursing home patient.

The human body needs a certain amount of liquids daily to keep from becoming dehydration and the lack of water or liquids can cause dehydration. Dehydration is a serious condition and it is easy for an elderly nursing home patient to become dehydrated when not given the proper amount of liquids or water daily. There are nursing home patients that do suffer from dehydration and it is not due to a water shortage, which means it should not occur.

Nursing homes are legally accountable for the health and well being of the elderly resident and this includes being responsible for dehydration. The lack of proper care by the nursing home staff or physicians is elder abuse and the elderly patient is the one to suffer from the lack of care. Dehydration is dangerous for the body and can lead to both physical damage and critical injuries. In the victim it can contribute to injuries from falls, it can cause the person to be week and very tired and can even lead to bed sores and other health conditions.

Holding the Nursing Home Accountable

The Los Angeles, San Francisco, Riverside, or Orange County nursing homes are responsible for the care of their residents or patients and should be held responsible when a loved one has become the victim of dehydration. The nursing home can and should be held legally accountable and not left to go unpunished. The family has the right to file a California dehydration legal suit on behalf of their elderly loved one that has suffered from dehydration, because this is nursing home abuse.

The way to hold the nursing home responsible and to ensure your loved one is properly cared for in a nursing home facility is to consult a California, dehydration lawyer. Our attorneys are experienced and committed to fight for the rights of the elderly nursing home patient. This takes the stress off of the family while protecting the elderly loved ones rights with attorneys that will handle the legal aspects that can be daunting.
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